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Live reenactment of the Stations of the Cross

In the “Habit” of having fun!

“Having a ball!”

Parish Youth Choir ~ Singing God’s Praises!

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Life of Prayer

Scripture Study

Youth Choir Songs

To spread the Gospel message, and if necessary, to use words.

                                                            ~St. Francis of Assisi.

FRANCISCAN Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother

Apostolates to the Church

Our apostolic life is primarily the imitation of the ideal proposed by Christ to the apostles; self denial and readiness for the work of the Kingdom, proclamation of the message of salvation and therefore, close contact with people.


We strive to be prudently available to whatever charitable service the people of God ask of us with the greetings of peace on our lips and the testimony of love in our works.

Franciscan Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother

Sister Ana Maria, O.S.F.

347 N. 62nd Road

Nebraska City,  NE  68410




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